asesoria laboral majadahonda

Much more than payroll

The elaboration of payrolls, social security registrations, calculation of dismissals… all these services are the minimum that a human resources department must provide.

But in INCOFIS we want to create added value, to provide real help for the management always with the same philosophy: Create added value, reduce administrative procedures of our clients, anticipate possible contingencies and reduce costs. For example, we send payrolls by email to each of your employees, we warn you in good time about the expiration of contracts…

In addition, as in the rest of the departments, we try to solve any doubt or management instantly as well as to carry out the registrations and cancellations on the same day that we are requested by means of a pre-established procedure.

Social Security

  • Registration of the company and its corresponding Mutual Insurance Company for Industrial Accidents.
  • Registration and deregistration in the general and special regime of the Social Security.
  • Registration, deregistration and variations of workers.
  • Preparation of Social Security contribution bulletins, electronic remission of the nominal list of workers as well as direct debit of the liquidations.
  • Deferral of quotas through ordinary and executive channels.
    Processing of sick leave, registration and confirmation of illness before the INSS.
  • Formalization of work accident reports.
  • Consultations and reports of the company and its workers, as well as certifications of the same.


  • Preparation of salary receipts, extra pay, back pay, payroll, severance payments and settlements.
  • Study of costs per employee. Reports and staff summaries.
  • Preparation of IRPF liquidations for workers and professionals, as well as withholding certificates.

Other benefits

  • Labor study prior to the hiring of workers, bonuses and subsidies.
  • Preparation of contracts, extensions, variations and job offers.
  • Advice, outsourcing and training on Occupational Risk Prevention.
  • Labor advice through the preparation of a report on the real situation of the company.
  • Processing of subsidies in labor matters. Acting before the SMAC.
  • Acting on behalf of the company before the Treasury, INSS and Labor Inspection.
  • Study and processing of Retirement, Disability or Maternity benefits, among others, before the INSS.
  • Interpretation of Collective Bargaining Agreements.