asesoria fiscal majadahonda

Fiscal control and knowledge

We are aware that any notification from the tax authorities is a stress for our clients. Our team receives any notification from the State Tax Administration directly and, after analyzing it, will contact you to explain the situation and advise you on how to act.

Our goal is to be able to cover every aspect of day-to-day management that you may need in tax matters. From regulatory advisory services to the treatment of all types of taxes, including any Special Taxes.

INCOFIS will ensure your security and peace of mind, complying with the law but at the same time seeking the lowest possible tax cost. In addition, we are committed to provide the best service and the best solutions to provide our clients with a low tax incidence and a high degree of peace of mind.


  • Registration and management in the SII System.
  • Value Added Tax (VAT).
  • Withholdings of professionals and leasing of premises (IRPF).
  • Income and Wealth Tax Return.
  • Corporate Income Tax and Payments on Account.
  • Annual Declaration of Transactions with Third Parties and Intra-Community Transactions.
  • Statistical Declaration of Intra-Community Trade (Intrastat).
  • Special taxes.


  • All kinds of formalities with the Tax Authorities (registrations, cancellations, changes in economic activity…).
  • Assistance and representation before the Tax Administration and Inspection.
  • Appeals before the Tax Administration (state, regional or local) and before the Economic Administrative Court.
  • Request of requirements, instalments and deferment of payments.
  • Presentation and processing of writs and consultations before the Tax Administration.
  • Request for refund of undue income.


  • Search for minimum fiscal cost.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Design and implementation of operations on average.