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Online and Ontime Accounting

We have the best human and technological team specialized in SMEs and FAMILY OFFICE that will allow you to outsource all the accounting allowing you to devote your time and energy to the growth of your company.

A comprehensive advisory service based on your needs. At INCOFIS we not only prepare your accounting, but we also analyze it and create truly useful and customized reports that give you constant information on how your company is doing.

Our clients have access to all the information online and on-time being able to see Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss, Profit and Loss, ratios, invoices issued and received, know if they are paid or not, get a cash forecast and know the VAT balance at every moment among many other things. Our system will update all your bank accounts and will post the new movements before 8:00 am.

An online and ontime accounting where you will be able to know at every moment the paid and collected invoices, cash and VAT forecast…


  • Realization based on the law and the specific needs of each client.
  • Preparation, legitimation and filing of official books.
  • Preparation and filing of annual accounts.
  • Preparation and presentation of periodical conclusions.


  • Examination of bank accounts and reconciliation of balances.
  • Rigorous control of general ledger accounts (suppliers and customers).
  • Analysis of depreciation and asset provisions.
  • Financial and cost analysis for all types of projects.


  • Preparation of customized reports by the directors.
  • Updating of fiscal years already started
  • Financial and budget control.
  • Management control functions by the decision making process.


  • Mandatory or voluntary audit of the Annual Accounts.
  • Preparation of consolidated accounts.
  • Inspection and control of stocks and assets.
  • Expert reports.


  • Financial statements and subsidy accounts.
  • Mandatory reports: capital variations, cancellation of pre-emptive subscription rights, etc.
  • Ecoembes” audit. Expert reports of an economic, accounting and financial nature.
  • Calculation of lost profits.
  • Reports justifying dismissals for objective reasons.