Advising services designed for small and medium-sized businesses and family offices that would like to externalize all or part of their administrative processes but maintain complete control over their company, with precise, online, and up-to-date information.

A comprehensive consulting service that covers all legally necessary aspects for the development of your economic activity. We take care of your businesses just like one of your executives would.

Management led by the best consultants with a high level of technical knowledge and specialized treatment.

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Nueva Normativa: Control Horario

Nuevo Decreto Ley sobre el registro de jornadas, que amplía la actual normativa por el cual quedan obligadas todas las[..]

5 banks will own 85% of sector in 2020

Citi points to Santander, CaixaBank, Sabadell and Bankinter as buyers, and the US bank expects up to five mergers. Bank[..]

Social Security Changes for Contractors

The compatibility of carrying out self-employment with the receipt of 100% of the retirement pension provided that it is proven[..]



We offer you a service specializing in smaller businesses that will allow you to outsource[..]


We know that any notification from the tax agency places stress on our clients. Our[..]


The preparation of payroll, enrollment in Social Security, calculating severance pay . . . all[..]


In INCOFIS we have a firm and unbreakable commitment to following the law, but we[..]


Our consulting services are based on three pillars-add value, manage risk, and increase results. We[..]

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