In INCOFIS, we offer you a complete service in all M&A operations, advising, guiding, and supporting you through all the necessary processes until the deal is closed.

From valuing your business, until collecting on the sale, and through all the intermediate steps, we are by your side.

We will always look for the best deal, for businesses or investors that, through its synergies and characteristics, can offer a better price to our clients, creating competition to raise proceeds as high as possible. We offer a complete service in every type of M&A operation, advising, guiding, and supporting you in all the necessary processes until the end.

M&A Services

  • Company valuation and research.
  • Strategic analysis of alternatives.
  • Creating the Sales Dossier and Blind Teaser.
  • Identifying and contacting candidates.
  • Negotiation.
  • Due Diligence Collaboration.
  • Closing the operation.

Oportunidades de inversión

Son muchas las oportunidades de inversión, desde la compra de un negocio por menos de 100.000 € hasta la participación[..] Dosier

Social Club

Private club dedicated to leisure and sports of which there is only one in its region. Total surface area is[..] Dosier

Desguace en Toledo

Búsqueda de inversor para la adquisición del 100% de un desguace ubicado en la provincia de Toledo. Esta empresa se[..] Dosier